Finally 6.1 at a competition and 3rd place at the german championships - couldn't be happier 🤩

My first rust :rust: project is usable now:

Was a great experience to learn rust, more projects to follow :clippy:

It worked!
I'm now reachable as <at> :D

Just bought to host a @matrix instance for my local makerspace :D

Announcement in the train:
"Welcome to the ICE that probably goes to Hamburg" 😅

Just discovered rustlings. It's the coolest way ever, I learned a programming language!


I don't know if it's just me, but rust seems to be really similar to OCaml in some places :ocaml: 🤔

Really nice to see the progress of the project! It has grown to be a full fledged alternative to Google Photos and I'm excited to see where it will go.

I have a serious question:
Why would anyone ever want to use MongoDB? What is its usecase?
The latest version 5.0 doesn't even run on any of my VPSs because it requires AVX support which is only offfered on root-servers by my hoster...

The European championship speed climbing in Munich was a blast!

It was by far the largest competition I ever competed in. Although I didn't perform like I hoped I would, it was still an amazing experience and I enjoyed every single second of it.
Thank you for those unforgettable moments and everyone who was there to support me ❤️

Had my first doping control toay, wasn't as bad as I tought.

Tough its a bit strange when someone shows up at 7am and watches you pee in a cup 😅

Writing OCAML is starting to get fun ... do I need to worry? 🤔

It's call world UNIVERSITY championships, so let's do something for the university 🥴

A little impression from the opening ceremony at the FISU WUC 🔥

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